Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Human Nature

It's something that people take for granted. Particularly in the United States, where there is a good portion of the population, with most of them located in the "Bible belt," I/E mostly rural states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and the like. Some of these places it's illegal to be taught about these things because it's an obvious contradiction of Doctrine.

I'm talking about evolution. But rather than focus a blog post on something like that, I'm instead going to focus on a component of it. Nature.

Human nature is a powerful force, something that the large majority of the human population don't realise the full significance of it. But nature plays a large part in our lives.

Human nature is the reason why organised attempts at a communist society have failed in the past. (there are other reasons, which I'm not going to talk about now.) It's nature to want something for nothing. It's nature to choose to date someone on physical characteristics. It's nature to lie and cheat others for your own self advancement, and it's also nature to believe that you as an individual is above the things that I'm saying, for you to believe that you are a selfless person who doesn't let these things get to you. I commend you for trying. But your not right. Your instinct plays a much larger role in your life than you give it credit.

Lots have people have been in high school and may have noticed this event. The Captain of the (American) football team, and the captain of the varsity cheerleaders are often times together as boyfriend and girlfriend. This relationship is especially prevalent in the small town high school experience, that it's almost expected for these two to be together. But have you ever wondered why cheerleaders date football players? The reasoning is far more grounded in nature than one might think.

Both football and cheer-leading are physically intensive activities, and and their captains are the best of the best at them. For a student of human nature, it makes nothing but sense of why those two would be together. they are, physically, the best specimens, and are most likely to produce viable offspring. Now these two may not even have children on their conscious minds. But subconsciously, the continuance of the human race is paramount. it is the number one goal of all reproduction capable specimen. The best of the best will choose the best of the best, the two best will produce a better offspring. and so on and so forth. Those that are not as good as the best chose what's left over.

This is a basic principle of Darwinian evolution, natural selection in action through human beings. Some people are more aware of this fact than others, and may actively try to defy this principle, which is the case of at least one person I know. But can this really be accomplished? Can nature truly be defied?

No. It cannot, at least not as long as we're unaware of the role it plays in our lives. In order for the dream of a communist society to succeed. We, as a people have to work to take human nature out of the equation.

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